„Architecture is about three principles:
stability, utility and beauty
- Vitruvius. 

We would add one more:
the principle of putting our heart and soul


Core means heart (Latin: COR).

We put our heart and soul in each project.

You can see it in every single detail, in the quality of the materials used, in the textures and in a carefully designed form.

The form that is going to survive decades as a universal and timeless building which enraptures today and will enrapture tomorrow.

It is the heart that lets us breathe life in a seemingly soulless architecture. It is the heart that gives our projects soul and makes them teeming with life. The life of their sensitive-to-beauty residents.

The Art of Architecture

The design is based on the extensive skills, knowledge and experience. It is a complicated process in which the architect fights a constant battle of heart and mind.

For more than a decade we have been creating the architecture which is based on strong foundation - the technical knowledge which guarantees the durability and comfortable usage. But we also listen to our heart which desires the marvelous surrounding and seeks for timeless beauty.

That allows us to us offer our clients the premium class products and to give the city a piece of Art.

The Art of Architecture

The Art of Savouring

needs spare time and involving all of your senses to discover all of the hidden abundance. So now sit comfortably - there is a lot to explore in our projects; take-a-look might not be enough!

Our mission

We treat each of our investment projects with equal attention and commitment.

Full of passion and determination, we strive to realize a complete, durable project that coherently combines functional and aesthetic qualities.

A project that will be a source of satisfaction for our clients, and will fill us with pride.

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